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Quilt Project

The 100 Good Wishes Quilt
Last summer, we asked our friends and family to be a part of our 100 Good Wishes Quilt Project.  We cherished the idea of welcoming a child into our home with a quilt that represents the good wishes from our family and friends.  We ended up having both a quilt and a blanket made with all of the fabric we received.  "Good Wishes" were written to us, as well as to the new child that we welcome into our family.  We have made a book of all of our Good Wishes.

History of the 100 Good Wishes Quilt
To welcome and celebrate a new life, there is a tradition in the northern part of China to make a 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  It is a custom to invite friends and family to contribute a patch of cloth with a wish for the baby.  Most of the square is sewn into the quilt, while a small piece of the fabric goes into a scrapbook with the wish for the child.  The quilt contains the luck, energy, and good wishes from all of the families and friends who contribute a square of fabric.  The quilt is then passed down from generation to generation.

Some of the Good Wishes We Received

"You will have the most incredible parents" - Michelle's sister

 "Such great congratulations on your journey to adopt.  Don't worry about the wait... it's hard... but so worth it." - Michelle's High School Youth Group Leaders who have 2 adopted children

"Dear Baby, You don't know me yet, but I am your cousin.  You and I already have something in common.  You see, I too am adopted.  ... I was so lucky to be with the most amazing, loving family; and now it's your turn to become part of it too..." - Michelle's cousin (adopted)

"Children are a true blessing from God and deserving of two wonderful parents as you..." - Friend

"You will have the best parents."  - Our niece and nephew

"In the short time we have known each other and each others families, I am very impressed with the love, humor, and caring.  We know you both will do an absolutely amazing job of raising, supporting and loving your child..." - Friend

"... your child will be blessed to have you as parents" - Michael's cousin

"... I know that he or she will have mountains of love from both of you which is so important.  You both are a great combination of personalities so we know your child will be a winner..." - Friend

"... We hope that you will always remember how much your Mommy and Daddy, Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles, cousins and Great Aunts and Uncles love you and are so glad that you are part of our family." - Michael's Aunt and Uncle