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Michael's Story

I've always wanted to be a dad.  Before we got married and we were talking to the priest, he asked about how I felt about family.  I told him that I wanted 19 children!  It made the priest laugh - so much so that he used it as part of our ceremony.  Family is very important to me and I cannot wait for Michelle and me to become parents.

I am a certified Civil Engineering Technician.   I have been working full time for my dad’s Civil Engineering firm for about 20 years which has allowed me to learn more about the business as well as spend a lot of time with him.

My nieces and nephews love the fact that I play with them – whether it is a game of catch or playing Just Dance on Wii.   I also like to do home improvement projects in our home.  I enjoy Suduko and crossword puzzles.  I like to play video games in the evenings to wind down and love to catch up with friends on Facebook.


Michelle's Side of Michael's Story

The first thing I fell in love with was Michael's smile.  The other thing was how close he was with his family.  Our second date was 4th of July weekend with his family at their cottage.  I got to meet his whole family and saw how much his nieces and nephews loved being with him.  Another thing I love about Michael is that he can talk to anyone. He is so friendly and outgoing.

Michael is one of the most caring people I know. He will do anything for anyone - whether it is to help a friend move or to help his sister put in new doors at her house.

It's so nice knowing that I have a true partner in my life everyday.  Michael will have dinner ready for me when I get home from work or he will throw in a load of laundry.   He makes me laugh everyday and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

I can't wait for Michael to become a dad.  He is so good with all of our nieces and nephews, the kids in the neighborhood and our friends' children.  Children seem to gravitate towards him.  He will take the kids tubing or play with them in the water when we are at the lake.  Some of our nieces and nephews have asked him to go to some of their special events where they can only invite one person.  He is going to be such a great father!