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Our Families

We are very close with both of our families. Our child will have 2 sets of grandparents, a great grandmother, aunts and uncles, as well as great aunts and uncles in their lives.  Our child will also have 10 first cousins to play with and learn many things - whether it is how to throw a football or how to do a cartwheel. 

We cannot wait to teach our child everything that we have learned in life.  We hope that we can instill the values that our parents' instilled in us.  We hope to have fun watching our child grow into the person they are meant to become.  We hope to encourage our child to try to experience new things.  We hope to be able to take lots of family road trips and go to lots of soccer or baseball games.  We hope to encourage our child to follow their dreams. 

** Michael **

 Michael's Family at his cousin's wedding 2010
Michael is the youngest of four - he has three older sisters. He grew up in a Chicago suburb in the same house that his parents still live in to this day.  His dad is a Civil Engineer and his mom is a school teacher.  Growing up, he played sports and hung around the neighborhood with family and friends.  His paternal grandfather would come every Thursday night for dinner.  Holidays were spent at his aunt's and uncle’s house with all of their extended family.  They also went camping with his grandparents in the spring and fall.  Summers were spent swimming and boating on the lake. 

Michael has 4 nephews and 4 nieces who we spend a lot of time with. We are invited to watch lots of football games, soccer games, dance recitals and cheer competitions.  Summers are still spent with his family at his parents' cottage boating, swimming and making lots of s'mores.

** Michelle **

Michelle's family at her mom's house 2009

Michelle is the oldest of three girls.  She grew up in Chicago until her family moved to the suburbs when she was in sixth grade.  Her father worked in the music industry so she always had the Top 40 records before anyone else.  Her dad and uncle purchased a bowling alley in 1997 and her dad has since retired in Arizona.  Her mom stayed home with the three girls until Michelle's youngest sister was in school full time.  Michelle's mom is an Accounts Payable Manager for a company she has been with for over 20 years.  Although her parents divorced a couple of years ago and her dad moved away, she gets to see her dad a couple of times a year and she talks to her mom just about every day.  Growing up, she went on family vacations and spent Sunday afternoons at her grandparents’ house.  Her parents taught her to be honest and hard working. 

Michelle has 1 niece and 1 nephew who can't wait to have a cousin to show the ropes to.  They can't wait to tell our child about Disney World, going to White Sox games and how to dance in the living room!

Pictures of us with our family
 Our friends and family at the Walk for Adoption Chicago 2011 - everyone came out to support us! 
 Michael feeding our niece Hayley

Aunt Chel watching our niece Hayley at her Grammy's house

Waiting for the Hayride to start with our niece Victoria

Michael with his Dad at the Master's Practice Rounds in 2005

Michael with our nephews Alec and Danny on Christmas

Michelle with our niece Lauryn and nephew Griffin on a Chicago River tour 
for Michael's dad's B-Day

Michelle playing with our nephew Ryan

Michelle with our niece Lauryn as we celebrate Michael's Birthday

Mike with his dad and brother-in-laws celebrating his birthday

St. Patrick's Day (and Michael's Birthday) with his niece Katie

Easter Brunch with Michelle's mom and niece Hayley

Celebrating the January birthdays with Alec and Katie

Michelle and her mom at Michelle's cousin's wedding

Michael with his sister Carolyn and Suzanne

Michelle with Michael's sister Michelle

Celebrating Hayley's birthday

Michelle with Michael's mom and aunt at a family bowling outing

Michelle and her mom and sisters celebrating Easter

Michael and Hayley celebrating his birthday at the bowling alley

Michael and his brother-in-laws at a family gathering

Michael and 3 of his nieces showing off one of his birthday presents

S'mores at the cottage

Michael with Victoria at her gymnastics meet

Michael with Michelle's mom

Michelle with Michael's sister Suzanne and cousin Dawn at his surprise birthday party

Michelle with Michael's mom and sisters at Michelle's birthday party

At the annual charity dinner dance with Michael's parents

 At the cottage with Victoria

Campfire at the cottage with Zachary, Victoria and Griffin

Michelle with Michael's sister Suzanne

Casino night party with Michael's dad and brother-in-law

Michael with his dad and sister Michelle at a family birthday party

Another family bowling outing

Dinner Dance at the Country Club on the lake

 Michelle with our niece and nephews (and Michael's mom making s'mores at the cottage