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About Us

We met in 1997 at the bowling alley that Michelle’s dad and uncle owned while bowling on a mixed league on Sunday evenings.  It took quite a while for us to finally go out (we didn’t start dating until June 1999).  Although we are both Chicago White Sox fans, Michelle asked Michael to a Chicago Cubs game and he said yes.  Once we started dating, we were inseparable and knew that we were meant to spend our lives together and we were meant to have a family together. We were married in June 2002 with all of our friends and family with us to celebrate.

Our personalities complement each other.  We are different in many ways, but that seems to bring out the best in each of us. Michael is friendly and outgoing, Michelle is reserved and nurturing.  Michael is analytical and Michelle is creative.  Michael likes to tear things down and Michelle likes to create things and make them pretty.  We are constantly learning new things from each other.

We like going to Chicago White Sox games.  We bowl in a mixed league on Wednesday nights, but aren’t on the same team (Michael tells everyone it’s because he wants to win).  We go to the movies and love going to concerts with our friends.  We love to ride our bikes around the bike paths in our neighborhood in the summer.  We like to take road trips and have also traveled to Hawaii, New Orleans and the Dominican Republic.  We also enjoy going to plays at the local theater.  We can't wait to share our interests with our children!

Although Michelle was raised Catholic, this year we joined a Lutheran church close to our home where we both feel comfortable.  We are enjoying learning more about our faith and hope to be able to teach our child about our faith.  Michelle has even joined a group at church that makes cards for church members. 

We live in a 3 bedroom home in a suburb of Chicago.  There are lots of kids in the neighborhood as well as plenty of parks and schools within walking distance.  Michael's sister and her family live a couple of blocks from us and the rest of our family lives within 20 miles so we are lucky to have a strong support system close by.