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Michelle's Story

I think that I was born to be a mom.  I played with dolls when I was little.  I babysat from the time I was in 7th grade and all the way through college.  In college, my closest friends called me "mom" since I always made sure that they got to class or made it home on a Friday night.  I am always offering to hold a baby (I think people can actually see me itching to do it) and I am usually hanging out with the kids playing.  I cannot wait to become a mom!! 

I am truly a girly-girl who loves shoes and purses, much to Michael's dismay.  I love to get dressed up, but can also get dirty working in the yard or painting the walls in our home.  I love to read, especially during the summer out on the boat at Michael's family’s cottage. 

I graduated from college with a degree in Communications Photography and a minor in Spanish.  I work full time as a Financial Systems Analyst and enjoy what I do.  I have worked for the same company for over 13 years.  Since my job is very technical, I usually spend my free time doing something with photography as a creative outlet.  There are very few pictures of me since I am usually the person taking pictures of everyone else.  Every year, I make calendars for our families with the pictures taken throughout the year.  I make video scrapbooks for special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays for family and friends.  I also enjoy making handmade cards for birthdays and special occasions.


Michael's Side of Michelle's Story

The first thing I noticed about Michelle was her naturally beautiful curly hair.  I also noticed how much everyone enjoyed being around her.   I also realized how much I enjoyed being with her while doing fun things that we both liked to do.

I love the fact that Michelle is so creative. Whether it be decorating the house or making her video scrapbooks or coming up with ideas for home made cards.

She is always helping people with making invitations for baby showers, birthday parties or birth announcements. She is also willing to try something new. Michelle is attentive to everyone’s needs and she is willing to help out in whatever they ask her to do. She is truly one of the most caring and loving people I have ever met.

Michelle loves children.  She is always doing things with our nieces and nephews - like playing card games or playing catch or playing beauty spa with the girls.  She will make such a great mother!